samantha jolley - art director
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Four Brandcenter teams were given a brief.
Arby's and Fallon asked us to take over the Super Bowl without spending money on an ad.

Instead, we spent money on seats.
That's right, we put meats in seats.

It was the winning idea.

How it will work

 A pair of chaperones will sneak each sandwich into the stadium, keep an eye over it, and begin the most important part: the livestream.

The livestream will start as soon as the sandwich enters the stadium. This will allow fans at the stadium and at home to watch in real time as the sandwiches react to the game (with foam fingers, confetti, etc) 


Arby's will also be responding to fans on Twitter as the livestream goes on. 

Super Bowl officials are bound to get a whiff of this (with or without our help) and suddenly, sandwiches are getting kicked out left and right.


The Next Day

Arby's will have taken the media (and fans) by storm, creating more buzz than anyone could imagine.


After the buzz dies down

A bronze statue of the sandwiches, not unlike the Heisman trophy, will be made and put on display throughout Arby's locations across the country.


Mid-year, Arby's will release a campaign stating that a selfie with one of the statues could guarantee you seats at the following Super Bowl.


Client: Arby's + Fallon
CW: Will BarefordConor McFarland
AD: Samantha Jolley
XD: Dan Cotting
ST: Robin Greenbaum
CBM: Connor Miranda